BI Seminar

1 day (2 dayparts), CHF 800.- (excl. VAT)

• Strategy
• History and current trends
• Different solutions/scopes/tools
• Top down scorecard, financial and nonfinancial, CPM
• Best practice methods samples on branches
• Objective for: Business Executives, CIO, CEO, COO, CFO
• Title: Certified IBS BI Executive


BI Project

1 day (2 dayparts), CHF 800.- (excl. VAT)

• Successful methods
• Short time to market
• Business and IT in balance
• Strong business analysis and requirements
• Strong business case for end users
• Objective for: Information Analyst, Business Controllers, Project Managers
• Title: Certified IBS BI Projectmanager


BI Prototype

3 days, CHF 2400.- (excl. VAT)

• How to set up a successful prototype configuration
• Business pain requirements in focus
• Sources to use, samples txt, flatfiles, SQL
• Default set up and configuration
• Technical requirements
• Organisation best practice, key persons needed –IT, Finance and Sponsor
• Documentation best practice method
• Approved multidimensional data in business pain focus
• Objective for: Information Analyst, Business Controller, Project Manager, IT programmers, Database Administrators,...
• Title: Certified IBS BI Prototyper