Solutions with Intelligent Business Solution AG

Intuitive decisions based on secure foundations

IBS Business Solution AG also offers managerial informational services to small and medium sized businesses looking for cross-functional systematic solutions. Over are the times where laborious hours are spent searching and gathering necessary information from a wide array of sources, often lacking data compatibility and often still by hand.

What has let to certain purchase decisions by certain customers? How can decision relevant information be generated at short notice from your internal and external enterprise data? What does your situation look like regarding your current stocks, incoming orders and sales? How can you represent or predict your current business development?


IBS Business Solution AG delivers answers in the shortest amount of time

IBS Business Solution AG packs all available information and conceptualizes it for a clearer understanding. This may mean pooling reports and visualizing them graphically, though they may come from different system platforms. As a decision maker you can consider which changes in market data like purchase prices or supply bottlenecks are relevant without delaying your calculations.


An informational advantage for SME’s

For specialized braches IBS Business Solution AG together with chosen partners provides tailored answers that run for all system environments. Through our extensive regional and thematic support, IBS Business Solution AG is also entirely within your vicinity.


Fast implementation – easy to serve

The implementation times to the solutions IBS Business Solution AG provides you with are short. The training of your colleagues is quick while the operation itself has almost become intuitive which allows even under practiced users with IBS Business Solutions AG results to work highly efficiently. In any case, a consultation with us is worth your while: we not only offer web-based but also single desktop solutions, as well as complete ASP- solutions, totally unburdening you while your requests are comepletely fulfilled.