Our Services

Positioning and Evaluation

We help position you where is most suitable for your business through an analysis of needs and expert interviews. The evaluation phase, with corresponding question criteria and utility value analyses, provides a clear picture of the methodic to be used for you, the products, the services and possible types of the SLA (Support Level Agreements) and ASPA (Application Service Provider Agreements).


Project Management

Project Management as a service guarantees implementation according to your intent and method. This is completed within the planned time frame and budgeted costs; all of which is done consistently with our compassionate project culture, which leads to cooperative and successful achievements. Our Project Management guarantees cost and quality integrity, whether it is the quality of the data, processes or project documentation, all of which is done to according to said methodic or demand.



During consultation the focus solely lies on providing our clients with the most effective and useful resources for your business. We seek to bring forth the best possible solutions at the best possible time. Our absolute professional and human approach to all matters at hand allows for trust and reliance. We guarantee the efficient development of an effective solution that allows for an effective collaboration within your projects and releases.



Our support service is coordinated to meet your needs. With our services at your disposition, we grant you stability during times of need, whether it be with our constant presence on spot or controlled from the outside, our quick reaction times correspond directly to your needs. If any warnings, error messages and/or system losses are received they will be documented and solved. This is also the case with any of your open-ended questions. While we deal with the technological aspects – you use your time to focus on customers, colleagues and partners, allowing us to successfully arrange your business based on your BI- solutions. (Parcels for SLA’s).


Coaching und Moderation

Coaching and Moderation brings you the professional support when it comes to negotiations, top management meetings, or project control sessions. We assist you in preparations, carrying out, moderating, observing and recording meetings and conferences to help you with successful realization. Through our subtle assistance we help you realize what will successfully move you ahead during a decisive moment in your partnership.



Audits help you form a neutral and clear picture of your existing solution and also serve to assist you in the quality and knowhow in your enterprise. At relatively little expenditure, you receive on-the-spot feedback so as to allow you to introduce the necessary measures as soon as possible.